Digital Picture Frames – What to Look For & Interesting Uses For Them

If you’re looking for cool and fashionable wallpapers to display on your PC, then 3D Pictures is definitely the right program for you. Step into the mind-blowing world of eye popping 3D Pictures that will make even your jaw drop with delight. Browse through endless wallpaper collections ranging from various categories of Popular, random and new to make your desktop a talking point. With revolutionary technology and fun applications, 3D Pictures guarantees an exciting time for everyone. Let the amazing world of imagination take your thoughts one step further with these mind-blowing 3D wallpapers.

Stereo 3D Photos – Enjoy the scenic beauty of different angles in 3D Photos. Get the best out of your desktop by turning your PC or laptop into a photo viewer by using stereo 3D Photos. By panning and zooming, you can see your subject in different angles and get the exact replication of the real scene. You can change the perspective by tilting the screen or simply moving your mouse.

Computer Eye – Capture your favorite memories in a new way. The advanced computer eye allows you to change the angle and display two pictures at the same time by simply clicking on the camera icon. Select the two different angles by tilting the screen to see two slightly different angle images. By rotating the camera, you can also take a photo in a totally new direction.

3D Stereogram – To experience 3D Pictures to the fullest, download a 3D Stereogram. A stereogram is a three dimensional picture that presents different views of a scene through the help of two cameras. You can easily select different views with the help of your mouse and view the scene in a completely new light. These 3D pictures are available online for free and they are so realistic, that even your kids can enjoy looking through stereo 3d pictures.

3d Photography Software – It’s not possible to capture the perfect shots without the help of 3d photography software. The software creates 3d pictures from your pictures by enhancing them using sophisticated algorithms. The best results are achieved with the assistance of this software, when combined with proper lighting and depth of field. This will result in the 3d photos having a life-like appearance. The depth of field or the distance from the center of the picture to all the surrounding objects will be controlled to give the best results. It makes 3d photos the next big thing in photography.

A step by step tutorial on how to use the camera is available. Download the software and follow the instructions. Start shooting the 2d images one after the other and check out the results. Happy shooting! !