Make Photo Blocks, Photo Crates Or Photo Cubes Feel Real

Crystal Photo Block: adds a personal touch to your memorable pictures. The new crystal photo engraving method includes unique laser etching which enables crystal photo to be engraved on any surface. Now your cherished pictures can be etched onto the glass block in a high resolution. Simply place the crystal photo block inside a gift package and present it to someone who holds dear your memories. This is a unique way of marking a memorable occasion.

When I treasure my memories I love to show them to others. So this is the perfect way of giving something special to someone who is important to you in a memorable way. Just like your crystal photo blocks, it is a lovely gift box that is worth keeping. The gifts will be kept safe from dust and scratches. Even if you give it as a gift to a family member, you will get a lot of pleasure out of it.

When I order my crystal photo block online, I order it in bulk because there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. The blocks are then engraved with crystal photo that I picked up while doing research on laser etching. It is a real work of art.

I love to have photos on display but they look horrible when they are hung on the wall. They also don’t hold their value as well as they would if they were on a crystal photo frame. If you put a vibrantly coloured luminous base on your crystal photo block, you will get them to look great. It is a really good feeling to know that someone has found a use for the photographs that you once thought were gone forever. The crystal photo frame will help them to be around longer and they will still hold their value.

When people purchase a crystal photo gift they usually like to keep it and as something to remember the person by. When they buy a photo gift for a family member, it will be displayed proudly on the mantel or hung on the wall. But when you buy one for yourself, you can also get one that you can place in an album or even on your computer screen. You could have a favourite picture of your children and decorate your home with it, all without the hassle and cost of a real photo album.

Photo blocks are a wonderful way to make your favourite pictures come alive again. You can do this with a luminous base and the laser engrave option. I have several of the photo blocks on order right now. I placed one on top of the desk in my office and am enjoying looking at the lovely portrait format pictures that are coming through on my computer screen. The crystal photo frame looks stunning next to my desk and it gives me an excuse to spend some quality time with my kids, which is what my husband enjoys.

I love being able to share all of the wonderful memories we have captured with my children over the years. The photo blocks are a great way to do just that. You can place the photo on the photo cube first then add the laser engrave option if you would like. Then when you want to open the photo cube, you can float inside it and reminisce about those precious moments you captured with your camera.

Engravable photo gifts for loved ones or happy customers always leave a lasting impression. The laser etching and the luminous base make it possible to hand them out in style without having to worry about damaging the picture or hurting your loved ones. Crystal photo gifts are ideal for giving to customers that you may not be able to personally meet but who are loyal to you and your business.